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    Chad's Crappy Corner & Another 'Cheap Security Gadget' - His Theme For March, 2017

    USB Adpater for Android Device with OTG Function.Chad polled our great Patreon members to pick a theme for his March “Chad's Crappy (or sometimes not so crappy) Corner. They picked “Security Gadgets”. Chad's 3rd Cheap Security Gadgets is the DBPOWER ( 2-in-1 ) 2Million Pixels 5Meter USB Waterproof HD 6LED Borescope Endoscope Inspection Tube Camera.

    Here's some of what Amazon says about it: Features: 1. 100% brand new high quality waterproof endoscope. 2. 2 million pixels CMOS camera. 3. Capture snapshot image or video with 800x6001024x768,1280x720600x1200 resolutions. 4. Built-in LED light (with Brightness Control Gear Button) on camera head to illuminate the inspection area. 5. The flexible camera is waterproof with 8.5MM diameter so that you can inspect area under water, gaps and holes. 6. This inspection camera has many applications including ear, nose oral & throat treatment, HVAC inspection, vent pipe, machine equipment, engine, automotive, boat, aircraft inspection. Powered by USB 2.0 port,compatible with Windows 7,8,vista, OS, android phone or tablet(micro USB adaptor needed).Easy to install and use. $19.99.


    And Chad's take? Chad, along with me, and many folks in the chatroom thought this was pretty good gadget for just about $20.00. Chad originally thought he might use this as a bare-bones, cheap security camera, but after buying it, realized that that wouldn't work. But there are a lot of other uses for it, including using it with many Android phones! (USB Adpater for Android Device with OTG Function is included and you'll see Chad show that in the video of this week's show. Also in the video you'll see all the attachments that ship with the camera and how close you can get with it. As Chad noted, it is mainly designed for close-up work, so it does look blurry when you aim it far away.  All in all Chad likes this a lot, and if you just want to entertain yourself with one, $20 will buy you a lot of fun and exploring unknown and unseen places.


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