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    Chad's Crappy Corner And His Final Gadget For His October Theme! 

    Chad polled our loyal Patreon (the great folks who keep our show alive) as to what he should chose for his October them. Their verdict: Cheap Halloween gadgets! And Chad's final gadget for this month's theme?

    The BB-8 Pumpkin Kit. 

    Love everything "Star Wars". Well now you can turn any pumpkin into your favorite Star Wars character, (assuming that character is BB-8), with this quick and easy decorating kit. There's no gluing or screwing, just push the provided pin-backed pieces into your pumpkin - after you've painted it. The company says the process is simple and clean. It is a fun way to create a unique Jack-o-Lantern.


    And Chad's take?


    Watch this week's show to see Chad unwrap the kit parts and make his own BB-8. He paints his pumpkin, giving it 3 coats of white. (Hmm, that seems like a lot of work to me, but Chad seemed to enjoy it.) Then cut the top of the pumpkin and replace with the BB-8 head. Then simply and pin the two right and left side pieces into the pumpkin. Chad thought this was an okay project, but nothing outstanding. (That's Chad's finished project in the photo!)


    It's $10 here on the Target website: https://www.target.com/p/star-wars-bb-8-pumpkin-decorating-kit/-/A-52315190#lnk=sametab


    It's also on Amazon, but at about $20 or higher.


    On the Target website I also bought the Halloween Spooky Victorian Phone - Hyde and Eek! Boutique that I demostrated on this week's show. It was $12.75 at this link: https://www.target.com/p/halloween-spooky-victorian-phone-hyde-and-eek-boutique-153/-/A-52281421#lnk=sametab (I bought several items so shipping was free.)


    See or hear this show:  www.gizwiz.tv/episode/1646

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