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    Chad's Crappy Corner and his final "what the heck is it?" gadget. 

    Chad’s Theme for March is  “What The Heck Is It?” Sound familiar? Yep, it’s just like the game we play at gizwiz.biz, but sometimes I have no idea what the gadget is, so I get to play too. Chad has two gadgets this week. The first gadget, I couldn’t guess. It looks weird and when it’s in use, in a man’s mouth, it looks even stranger. It’s the GoateeSaver. Here’s some of what Amazon says about it:

    The GoateeSaver is an adjustable goatee-shaving template that will revolutionize the way you shave and trim your goatee. The GoateeSaver can be customized to your face in seconds, with three easy adjustments. Just place the GoateeSaver over your goatee and shave with your favorite razor. Note: Razor not included. Just bite down on the mouthpiece and move your razor along the guide. It's that simple. You can easily adjust it to fit your face and to create different goatee sizes, simply by twisting the rollers on the front. Your goatee will look tidy and perfect every time you shave. Chad gave the Goatee Saver to Bryan Burnett to use. And Bryan’s opinion after he used it? Bryan liked the results, he said his goatee looked very neat. He added that his goatee was a little uneven when he it shaped it freehand. But, Bryan didn’t think it was worth $20, and said he’d go back to doing it freehand rather than buying the Goatee Saver. It’s $19.99 on Amazon with free shipping if you’re an Amazon Prime member.


    Chad’s second gadget I guessed when he accidentally lit it! I knew it was for nighttime use to be seen when walking or jogging.  Here’s a bit of what Amazon says about the product: DURACELL DURABEAM ULTRA Safety Armband.  It’s a 2-Pack Safety Armband Led Light, For Night Visibility And Celebrations. (I.E. parties, dances, etc.) Adjustable Band Fits Snuggly On Arm Or Legs. 2 Light Modes: High Visibility Blinking And Steady Light. Although the copy doesn’t say it, the LED light has 7 selectable colors. It’s $14.59 for 2 arm bands and it's Amazon Prime, so free shipping if you're a Prime member. 

    And Chad’s take?  Chad liked them, but for some reason he thought they were under $9 for the two of them. Checking Amazon I see they’re $14.59, so I don’t know if that would change his mind. He said being LED the batteries would last a long time. He wished they were a little bit brighter, but he thought you would certainly be seen in the dark. 


    See or hear this show: www.twit.tv/giz1511  (Goes live late 3/26/15)

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