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    Leo’s Turn The Table Turkey – or Turn The Table Treasure?

    Leo came up with two gadgets for this TTTT this week.

    First up, it may look like a mouse pad, but it's now. It’s the 3M Precise Battery-Saving Mousing Surface! (Yep, that belongs in our products with really, really, long names!) Leo likes the pad a lot, and bought 5 of them! (They’re about $7+ on Amazon.) Here’s some info on the device from 3M. Get the most from your wireless or optical mouse with the 3M Precise Battery-Saving Mousing Surface. This ultra-thin pad uses 3M repositionable adhesive to stay securely positioned on flat surfaces and can be conveniently stored on the back of your notebook computer between uses. Utilizing a battery-saving design, this mousing surface extends the battery life of wireless mice by up to 75 percent. This combination of effortless portability and exceptional functionality make this mousing surface an ideal solution for anyone computing on the go. Wireless and optical mice need a proper surface to work on to reduce loss-of-signal and skipping errors. The 3M Precise Battery-Saving Mousing Surface is remarkably thin, measuring 8.1 by 9.2 inches wide by only .2 inches thick, and is specifically designed for wireless and optical mice. And now, back to me! I’m not sure if this is where Leo bought his, but at this place on Amazon they are $7.38 each.

    Leo gets even more connected!

    Leo has a lot of phones and a lot of different phone numbers. One thing he doesn’t have at his new place is a landline. Not having a landline is fairly common these days because people use their cell phones for all their calls. But Leo said people often complained of the voice quality when he was using his cell phone. Then he found out about OBi 100. This small device is connected to your WiFi via a cable. There's no wireless version. On the OBi 100, in addition to the WiFi there’s a place to plug in an ordinary phone. Leo bought one for $20 or so. Leo uses Google Voice to channel his various phone numbers so they ring in one place. When people call any of Leo’s numbers, his new plugged in “landline” type phone rings and it’s like he’s talking on a regular phone. (Google Voice can be programmed to reactly differently to different phone numbers you've given people.) There are dozens of ways to use the OBi 100. And the company makes more advanced models, but Leo said for his needs, their basic model is fine. The list price is $60, but Leo bought his on Amazon for about $44. You can read about the many things the three different OBi devices do at the company website:  

    See or hear this Netcast:  

    This link usually goes live Sunday, the day after we record this show, 7/7/12.

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