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    Back to Dick’s Gadget Warehouse for the grand mini piano!

    At Dick’s Gadget Warehouse I found the Electron Echo Mini Piano. I talked about this musical instrument years ago on the DGW, but I’m doing it again because now we have a video version of the show and people can get the full impact by seeing it. And I have some good news about this gadget to add. But first, here’s how you were able to obtain the Electron Echo Mini Piano some 20+ years ago. It started with a postcard: “Congratulations, you have won the Electron Echo mini piano for just the price of shipping! Imagine the joy of gathering the family around your mini piano to sing songs.  We even are including the mini piano songbook. Just send $12.87 for insured motor delivery". So you sent your check and waited; often quite a few weeks. And when it finally arrived - what did you get for your money --- ? That’s the mini piano in the photo! The “truck” was the mail van. You knew you were in trouble when your mini Electron Echo Mini Piano fit through the mail slot on the front door. How mini is it? It’s 2 X 4 inches! Yes, that’s inches, not feet. You could almost lose it in your pocket. And the sound is so thin and pathetic; hitting a couple of notes is probably all you could stand. But wait, there’s more! What about that exciting songbook that came with your mini piano. It turned out the songbook holds 5 songs, five very short songs! Each song has just four lines of music and is also about 2” X 4”! But now the new exciting news. If you didn’t send for one of these mini pianos decades ago, you haven’t missed out! Check eBay and you just might find one. But they sell fast. One I was following recently sold for $24.95. Just type Electron Echo Mini Piano in search at

    See or hear this Netcast:

    This link usually goes live Sunday, the day after we record this show 6/16/12

    The original DGW Mini piano Netcast:

    Reader Comments (1)

    I have an Electron Echo mini piano, but I dont know how to turn it on. Can anyone help? Thanks. stracke1

    October 10, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterstracke1

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