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    Weekly Daily Giz Wiz – Week of May 7, 2012, Netcast 1363 (Even though the video version says Episode 1364)

    Are you a slob? Some family members, slobs? Help is on the way!

    Sometimes I'm attracted to a product based on its name. That's the case when I saw a booth at the National Hardware show offering the Slobproof! Paint Pen. Slobproof? I immediately wanted to know more. I met Debbie Weiner who is billed as designer/creator and head slob. Debbie explained why she created the Paint Pen. She wanted a quick, and easy touch-up tool for painted walls, ceilings, and trim. The problem? You mar or scratch a painted wall. You get out the can of left over paint and find it has dried up in the paint can, where it’s useless now that you need it. Enter the Slobproof Paint Pen Kit. The kit comes with two paint pens and a syringe to help you fill them easily. Here’s what you do. After you finish painting the walls with your new paint, use the syringe in the kit to fill the Paint Pen with leftover paint. Debbie says you can store the Paint Pen in a kitchen drawer and it will keep the paint fresh for years. Then when you need to make a touch-up, get out your Paint Pen. Turn the barrel of the pen, which moves the paint onto the tip. Now you have a sort of “Magic Marker” loaded with the exact shade of paint that you need. In minutes you can cover dings, scratches, any other minor damage to your painted surfaces.  "It's a mother's dream come true!" The kit consists of two pens and the syringe and it costs $19.99 on Amazon. It will be available just about the time you read this.

    Slobproof! was founded by interior designer and mother Debbie Wiener, the Slobproof! line-up includes mess-free, stress-free upholstered seating, a top-selling design book and now the Slobproof! Paint Pen.   You can learn more about Slobproof! at

    Paint Pen info:

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