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    Here’s A Gotcha! You’re Going To Like!

    Another Turn The Table Tuesday, Tuesday, June 8th, Netcast 1107

    Each of one this sport balls is a single cable Gotcha!This Turn The Table Tuesday Leo comes up with a gadget that solves one of life’s little pains! It’s something that annoys me several times a week. You know it too. It’s time to recharge my cell phone battery. I reach for the charger cable but it’s not there on my nightstand. As usual it slipped off and it’s on the floor, or worse yet, behind the nightstand. This frustrating situation presents itself a lot when you’re a gadget lover. Charging cables for MP3 players. PDA’s, gaming devices, etc. are always falling to the floor and hiding. It’s not only annoying, but stepping on one can render it useless, or might even make you trip. A gentleman named Steve Kwak decided to do something about this problem. And he did! After several weeks of making rudimentary prototypes and trying different ideas, Steve designed the first Cable Wait product called the Gotcha!  These devices, which come in many varieties, including wood grains, colors, even sport’s themes, prevent cables from falling on the floor. Just open it open, place your cable wire(s) safely inside and snap the magnetic lid back on. From now on, you know exactly where the end of the cable is! And the cable length is adjustable, even inside. There’s a Gotcha! for single and multiple cables.

        My favorite is the Gotcha! Glow. (It's shown at the right.) See those little openings next to each cable? This device uses a special sensor to know when you are near it, then it illuminates for you. You will be able to find your electronic devices in the dark quickly and easily with a nice white glow showing through each of those openings. The Gotcha! Glow holds up to three charger cables, making the organization of multiple devices real easy! Prices start under $9 and range up to $14.99 for the illuminated Gotcha! Glow. 


    Hear this Netcast: www.twit.tv/dgw1107

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