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    My watch is “watching” you!

    Daily Giz Wiz, Thursday, October 7th, 2010, Netcast 1194 

    When I saw an ad for the Wristwatch Spy cam I was interested. The watch wasn’t bad looking in the picture and I thought it might be fun to always have a camcorder with me. It was about $45 with shipping from Meritline and I bought one. Learning how to use it is not very easy. The flimsy little instruction sheet is written in poor English, so you have to play hit and miss as you try to get it to work properly. If you want to set the proper date & time you have to write a mini program and download it the watch. I never got that to work properly. If you can’t find where the special USB connector goes, you'll discover you have to unscrew the left stem to find it. And don't lose the supplied USB cable, because it’s probably specific to the Spy Watch. The watch keeps time pretty well, but it turns out the tide function, which I was excited above, is just painted on the dial and doesn’t actually work. It has 4GB of memory and you can’t add more. The video it shoots is okay, but there it a major problem with this watch that no one seems to mention. On your video sound track will be the VERY LOUD ticking of the watch!!! It pretty much ruins anything you shoot and makes the watch useless as a DVR. Snapshots are okay because there’s no “ticking” to ruin them. The company says the watch has 1.3 mega-pixel high-definition AVI video recording at 30 frames. Oh yeah, the sync between my voice and the video was also terrible. I didn’t bother shooting any JPEGs because I wanted the watch for video. The internal lithium-ion 3.7v/260mAh battery charges via the USB cable. The light it supposed to turn steady red when it’s fully charged in a few hours, but I left it plugged in for two days and it never showed as fully charged. Here’s a test I did with the watch. I think you’ll NOTICE the annoying ticking sound. 



    Hear or SEE this Netcast: www.twit.tv/dgw1194

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